Yale Summer Academy - School Information

You'll use this section to tell us the following information about your school:

  • Name of your school
  • CEEB code (you can find that by clicking here)
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Website
  • Type (charter, home school, private, public, etc)
  • Term system (quarters, semesters, etc)
  • Your guidance or college counselor's name and email address
  • Student conduct questions

Pro Tip #1: If you have any comments to share about your academic performance or school, you will have an opportunity to include that in this section.

Pro Tip #2: We only offer space for one school's information. If you've attended more than one school as part of your high school career, this section should reflect the school in which you are currently enrolled. When you upload your transcript, you may include any files that reflect high school level grades or courses completed.

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