Moneyball: Training Camp - Honors and Awards

Everything you need to know about the reporting of honors and awards.

You may use this section to tell us if you've received any honors or awards.

Honors and awards are any recognitions you've received, either from your school or from an outside organization. These can be on the school, regional, state, national or international levels. Examples include Honor Roll, winner of an essay contest, AP scholar, etc.

We understand that not all schools issue awards and honors, which is why you can say "No." when we ask if you have any honors or awards to report.

If you do plan to list honors or awards, we'll only allow space for THREE. Yes, it's definite, they only want three! So, please consider them all and then list those three that you feel will be the most relevant to the admissions committee.

For each, we'll ask for the following information:

  • Name of the Honor or Award
  • Level (school, regional, state, national, or international)
  • A description of the significance of the award and the reason(s) you received it. (This should not exceed 1 - 2 paragraphs.)

Pro Tip: We allow applicants to upload a "Bonus Item". Some students use this opportunity to upload a CV that could include additional information about activities, honors and awards that you were not able to provide within the confines of the application forms.