Penn Medicine - Dates

What are the dates?: Penn Medicine is a four-week residential program. The program begins on Sunday, June 28 and ends on Saturday, July 25. The application for admission opens on Friday, November 29.

May I depart early?: This is only a four-week program and you have academic obligations all the way through Friday afternoon, so normally, we'd say no. That said, if you needed to catch a flight later on Friday night, we might be able to work something out. If you get accepted, please email with the specifics of your request before you RSVP or pay.

What are the relevant application deadlines and admissions decision dates?

  • March 4 - The application for admission closes on March 4 at 11:59pm EST. All application materials must be completed, uploaded or delivered by that time. Only completed applications will be considered for admission. Please note, though, that your application completion date will be noted and visible to the admissions committee so we would recommend that you attempt to complete your application as early as possible.
  • April 10 - Decisions will be released via email on April 10. The admissions committee will make decisions to accept, waitlist or deny applicants. All three types of decisions will be released on April 10.
  • April 17 - Students who were accepted to the program will be required to RSVP by April 17. Students who were waitlisted will be required to reply to hold their space on the waitlist by April 17.*
  • April 24 - Students who were accepted to the program will be required to pay their tuition by April 24.

*Waitlist spaces are not numbered. If space becomes available an invitation will be emailed to a student from the waitlist. That student will be given one week to RSVP and two weeks to pay their tuition.

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