Penn Medicine - School Profile

Everything you need to know about securing a school profile.

Use this section to upload your School Profile. A School Profile is a document, brochure or flyer put together by your school that includes information about the student body and types of classes offered by your school, such as AP, IB, etc. It may list figures like graduation rate and other notable facts about the school.

You should be able to request a copy of the School Profile from the Registrar or Guidance Counselor's office when you ask for your academic transcript.

If your school does not have a School Profile, please create a word document with your school's website and then upload that instead.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that a School Profile helps the committee to evaluate your application by allowing them to better understand your school, its culture, its curriculum, the grading system, etc. Please do your best to secure this document so that the committee does not have to spend time on school website research!

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