M&TSI - Video Submission

Everything you need to know about the required video submission.

It can be difficult to fully express yourself in a written application. As such, please record a 90-second video of yourself sharing any additional comments you might have. Feel free to speak about yourself, your application, your interest in M&TSI, or anything that you feel will help us get to know you better.

Please include a link to an Unlisted YouTube Video or other video platform allowing for an unlisted link below. Please title video "M&TSI 2019: First Last".

Only content of the video and your comments will be considered (clarity of picture or other features will not be considered). A video recorded on a cell phone is perfectly acceptable.

Alternatively, you may instead submit up to 500 characters of additional comments.

How to upload an Unlisted Video to YouTube and Share via Link

  1. Begin by creating an account on YouTube.com
  • Feel free to use an existing Gmail account
  1. Access your Channel Page
  • Select your icon in the top right corner and select 'My channel'
  1. Select 'Customize Channel' or 'YouTube Studio'
  2. Select 'Upload a Video'
  3. Be sure to set the privacy to 'Unlisted'
  • Do not set the video to private as in that case we will not be able to access it via your link
  1. Upload your video file
  • Please title your video as follows: "M&TSI 2019: First Last"
  1. Copy the link provided to include in your application
  2. Log out and test the link to make sure your video is publicly accessible and correct
  3. Note: that the YouTube interface is subject to change at any time and these instructions may no longer apply. For more detail on what YouTube Video privacy settings entail, click here.