M&TSI - Fee Overview

Everything you need to know about the program fees.

Our fees and what they include:

The application fee is $75 and is non-refundable. An application fee waiver will require support from a school administrator and may be requested electronically by clicking here.

The Session Fee is $7000.00 and includes instruction, program activities, evening activities, off-campus weekend trips, housing and on-campus meals. Session fees are also non-refundable. An application for financial aid is available as part of your application for admission.

What's not included?

Three off-campus meals per week and spending money are not included.

If you're accepted into the program, you'll have the opportunity to order optional services to compliment your experience. These could include things like transportation to campus from Philadelphia International Airport, linens or a microfridge rental. If you have questions about these items, please email mtsi@jkcp.com for details.

What's next?

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