M&TSI - Academic Transcript and Fall Grades

Everything you need to know about the academic transcript requirement.

All applicants must submit an academic transcript which reflects their high school level courses. Fall 2018 grades must be included with the transcript. For the purpose of this application, high school means grades 9 - 12 in the USA. (If your school system is different to that of the USA, to maintain application consistency, you'll need to complete the information so that it aligns with the USA grade structure.)

Here's an example: If you are currently a junior (11th grade), you're applying our program as a "rising senior". As such, you'll be expected to provide an academic transcript that reflects your final grades from 9th and 10th grades, as well as your Fall grades from the current academic year (11th grade).

We accept both unofficial and official transcripts and this section will allow you to upload multiple files.

If your school will not include courses that are still in progress on your transcript, then you should upload the academic transcript along with a report card or progress report with your Fall grades.

If you've attended multiple schools, you may upload transcripts from each.

Pro Tip: Have all of your files organized together and ready before you attempt to complete this section! Once you complete an upload, the section will close and you won't be able to add files later. We'll have to help you open the section so that you can start over - which is ok, but will definitely delay the process!

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