LBW - Optional Essay

Everything you need to know about your optional essay.

Your optional essay* topic is as follows and should not exceed 350 words:

Why do you want to attend LBW?

*If you do not plan to submit the optional essay, please email with your full name and a request to "close the optional essay section", or upload a document that says "I do not plan to submit an optional essay."

Pro Tip #1: "Do I really need to complete this optional item?"...Ultimately, this is your decision because it is, technically, optional. But, we'd encourage you to ask yourself if this could be used as an opportunity to REALLY convince the committee about why you think you're an ideal candidate for LBW.

Pro Tip #2: After you're done, let someone else read it and help you with edits. Make sure your final draft doesn't have any visible edits in it and then save it as a PDF before you upload it to your online account.

Pro Tip #3: We know it's tough to say all that you want to say in so few words! BUT, please try to remember that the committee has several hundred applications to read and we wouldn't want you to jeopardize your chances on a technicality!

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