LBW - Financial Aid Application Process

Everything you need to know about applying for financial aid.

LBW's admissions decisions are need-blind. Once the admissions committee has chosen their class, they will review that list to determine who among them has applied for financial aid. 

There is no average financial aid award. Decisions are need-based and the committee has a finite amount of funding. Financial aid awards may cover full tuition or partial tuition. We are not always able to cover the full amount that was requested, and not all who apply for financial aid will receive an award.

If you plan to apply for financial aid, we will add the financial aid application materials to your online account. In order to be considered for financial aid, you must submit your financial aid application and supporting materials as directed. Only those students who indicate that they plan to apply for financial aid and who have completed their financial aid application and supporting documentation will be considered for an award.

Please note that financial aid decisions will be released with or immediately following admissions decisions. Your tuition balance, if applicable, must be paid within two weeks of the receipt of your invitation to attend and financial aid decision, whichever arrives later (both sent via email).

Financial aid applicants should prepare for the possibility of not receiving the financial aid amount that they have requested. While you wait for your admissions and financial aid decisions, you should also research private sources of funding in case you are not in a position to cover any remaining balances on your own.

Pro Tip: Do your financial aid research now, don't wait for financial aid decisions to be released! We would suggest reaching out to your guidance counselor, academic advisor, school administrator, club leaders, clergy, civic organizations and local businesses.

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