Electronic Device Policies and WiFi - JKCP @ Villanova University

Unless otherwise stated, cell phones, electronic, music and/or gaming devices will not be used or permitted during your classes or planned activities. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of instructors, mentors and Residential Directors.

If you bring electronic devices, exercise extreme care in securing and monitoring these items. Back-up any information before arriving to campus and purchase insurance to cover any potential theft, damage, accidents, etc. Neither the University nor JKCP will be held liable and will not compensate students for any loss.

Residence halls are set up for wireless network access. Wireless broadband internet access is provided through the University’s campus network. Instructions to set up your complimentary WiFi access will be provided as part of your orientation and will need to be renewed weekly throughout your stay.

Students are responsible for appropriate behavior and communications on host networks. Students may not: download illegal files, including music and games, send or display offensive messages or pictures, use obscene language, harass, insult or attack others, damage computers, computer systems or computer networks, violate copyright laws, use another’s password, trespass in another’s work or files, or employ the network for commercial purposes.

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