Staff - JKCP @ Villanova University

Who teaches JKCP courses? Our Instructors and Teaching Professionals are experts in their respective fields. An overwhelming majority of our Academic Instructors have a Master's Degree.  If you'd like to learn more about the instructor for a specific class or about the certifications held by our teaching professionals, please email

Who are the Residential Staff? Our Residential Staff is completely separate from our teaching staff. These energetic, responsible young adults come from all over the world to create the most memorable summer experiences for our students! Residential Staff will live in the dormitories with the students, join them in the dining center, hang out during downtime and accompany the students during evening activities and weekend trips. They are amazing at what they do so we ask you to trust them to see your child through their best summer ever!

Can you tell me a little more about Supervision? Yes, of course. Check out this article about Security and Supervision. 

Who are the Drivers? We're lucky to have access to amazing, professional drivers during the summer. Most drive children during the school year and, therefore, are thrilled to have the opportunity to do the same throughout the summer.

Have the staff gone through background checks, etc? Yes! Our staff must pass an FBI Criminal Background Check and Child Abuse Clearance Check.

Any other Staff Members I should know about? Yes, you can click here to meet our team!

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