Security and Supervision - JKCP @ Villanova University

Can you tell me more about security on campus and in the dorms? Villanova University has a campus security team in place to watch over us during your stay. You'll use the identification card we provide in order to access your dormitory and you'll use a combination that we provide in order to access your dorm room. If you have additional questions about security, please email

Can you tell me more about supervision during the program? The Residential Director and the team of RAs provide supervision in residence halls, during all program-related activities, and during on-campus meals. Students do not have our permission to leave campus without supervision. At some point during your stay, most students will need to walk around campus without supervision to get to class, the dining center and to program activities. When this occurs, students are expected to adhere to the “Rule of Three”. This means that students may walk within the approved campus boundaries as part of a group of three or more students. During your course time, you'll be under the direct supervision of the instructor.

Will I have a curfew? Evening curfews vary according to the planned evening activities and are always subject to change based on the activities and students' behavior. The Residential Director and RAs will be sure that students are aware of their curfew each night.

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