Packing List and Dress Code - JKCP @ Villanova University

May I have a Packing List? Yes, we're working on that now and will share the link with you in your Welcome Packet.

Is there a Dress Code? For the most part, casual clothing and sports attire will be appropriate for everything we do. The Packing List in your Welcome Packet will include notes about any recommendations or exceptions.

Will I need to bring anything for my course? Only a few of our courses would require you to bring something in order to complete your in-class coursework. One example is the Moneyball: Sports Analytics program, which requires students to bring a laptop. Other courses allow students to bring equipment as a matter of preference. An example of this would be Esports when students may have a keyboard, mouse, headset, etc. that they prefer to use during play. Otherwise, most courses will have all of the materials you would need to fully participate. Please remember that you are responsible for the safekeeping of your personal items and will need to be sure that they are kept secure throughout your stay. Your Welcome Packet will include a complete Packing List.

What if I forget something? We've got you covered. If it's not urgent, it can be mailed or shipped to us. Click here for instructions for mail and packages. We also have regular off-campus trips that include shopping so if your family has given you permission and spending money you could pick it up during the trip. If it's an emergency, just ask your RA for help and we'll work together to get you what you need.

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