Location Overview - JKCP @ Villanova University

Where is the program located? JKCP's residential programs will take place at Villanova University. Villanova University, located on the "Main Line" in Villanova, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1842 and is currently #46 on US News and World Reports' National University Rankings 2020 List.

Where will I live? Residential students will live in Sheehan Hall. Constructed in 1957 and located on the Main Campus, Sheehan offers easy access to dining, library and classroom facilities. To learn more about Sheehan Hall, please click here.

Where will classes take place? Most classes will take place on campus at Villanova or at a suitable nearby facility. Some classes, tennis or soccer, for example, will take place at a nearby venue equipped to offer our students the best environment for safe and competitive play. JKCP will provide professional transportation to and from any off-campus venue. If you have questions about whether or not your class will take place off-campus, please email help@jkcp.com.

Where will evening activities and weekend trips be held?

  • Evening activities will take place on campus and off-campus. Things like Movie Night, Bowling and Mini Golf will take place at a venue a short distance from campus. JKCP will provide professional transportation to and from any off-campus venue.
  • Saturday Trip examples are New York City, Washington DC, and Ocean City NJ and are a few hours drive from campus. Students will use JKCP transportation to and from their destination and will spend several hours at their destination before returning to campus on Saturday evening.
  • Sunday Trip examples are local National Parks, Philly sightseeing or sporting events. Again, JKCP will provide transportation to and from the destination.

May I drive myself to and from campus?

  • For residential students, we'd rather say no to this request because of campus parking restrictions and liabilities that are out of our control. Please plan for a parent or guardian to drive the student to campus, or for the student to use a plane, train or bus to get to Philly. We'll help you work out transportation in your welcome packet.
  • For day students, this is much more feasible but you should still email help@jkcp.com to ask for instructions.

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