Health Overview and Forms - JKCP @ Villanova University

What is the Health Information Form? This is a basic form in which your parent or guardian will tell us everything we need to know about your health. This form will collect things like allergies, dietary restrictions, medication(s) and some other general health questions. You'll find the form in your online account

What is the Health Waiver (and copies of Health or Travelers Insurance)? This form is used to acknowledge our health policies and to provide a copy of your health or Travelers Insurance. In the event that you need medical attention, we must give a copy of this form to the health care professional. You'll find this form in your online account.

What is the Health Examination Form? You'll give this form to your doctor so they can confirm that you've been examined within the past 18 months and are able to participate in program activities. You'll find the form in your online account.

Do you need my immunization records? Residential students are expected to adhere to standard immunization guidelines. When visiting your doctor, please explain that you’ll be spending your summer living in a dormitory at Villanova University and the immunizations are required to keep you in good health. If you do not have an immunization listed on our form, your doctor will be expected to include a note to explain why. You may email to discuss any exemptions or concerns.

What happens if I get sick? If you don’t feel well, just let the residential staff or instructor know! We’ll do everything in our power to make you comfortable and help you get better. Chances are you won’t need it, but we have a nurse on-call and are only a few minutes away from the finest hospitals in the nation.

What if I don't have health insurance? All students are required to have current and valid health insurance or travelers’ insurance.

  • For international students without health or travelers’ insurance, JKCP has partnered with AVI to offer an affordable plan that can be purchased to cover you for the duration of your stay. To learn more, visit
  • For domestic students, you can do an online search for any US-based company and choose a plan based on your needs and budget.

What should I do if I take regular medication(s)? Take your medication as you normally would at home. Spending time away from home at a summer program may not be the best time to alter your routine.

  • JKCP staff will not administer any prescription medications. Students take responsibility for all medication needs and must be able to self-administer.
  • In addition, the program does not have a medication storage location in the residence halls. Students are responsible for maintaining safe, lockable storage for medications.
  • Students with medication that requires refrigeration or students with special dietary needs can request a mini-fridge for their dorm room. If you need your mini-fridge to be cold upon arrival, please email to request an early order three weeks prior to your start date (a $10 fee will apply).

What if I have food allergies or dietary restrictions? We're very experienced in helping you to manage these concerns. The staff in the Dining Center are trained to keep you safe! You'll need to share the details in your Health Information Form. In order to make the necessary arrangements, we require this information at least three weeks prior to your start date.

What about other allergies? Please use your Health Information Form to tell us about all of your allergies. The details you provide will help us to prepare our staff in the event that you need medical care during your stay. 

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