Evening Activities and Weekend Trips - JKCP @ Villanova University

May I have some examples of Evening Activities? We're working on the schedule now, but we can give you some general information. Evening Activities will take place on campus and off-campus. Things like Movie Night, Bowling and Mini Golf will take place at a venue a short distance from campus. JKCP will provide professional transportation to and from any off-campus venue.

Are the Evening Activities optional? These activities are fun, plus they're so important to your social experience. For those reasons, we don't allow students to opt-out of them. Of course, if there's an urgent reason for you not to take part, please talk to your RA to see if an exception may be made.

May I have the Saturday trip schedule? We're working on that now and once they're scheduled, you'll find them published here. Saturday Trip examples are New York City, Washington DC, and Ocean City NJ. All destinations and are a few hours from campus. Students will use JKCP transportation to and from their destination and will spend several hours at the attraction before returning to campus on Saturday evening.

May I have the Sunday trip schedule? We're working on that now and once they're scheduled, you'll find them published here. Sunday Trip examples are local National Parks, Philly sightseeing or sporting events. Again, JKCP will provide transportation to and from the destination.

When would I add a Weekend Stay to my registration? Each time you add another week to your residential registration, you'd add a Weekend Stay. For example, a student attending for three weeks would stay for two Weekend Stays.

How much will I pay for a Weekend Stay? What's included? The fee is $225 per weekend stay and it includes the transportation to and from the destination, admission to the venue and supervision throughout the trip. Off-campus meals are not included in this fee.

Can a day student join for evenings and weekends? Yes, please! You'll find an order form for adding these items in your online account. The Evening Activities are $30 each. A Saturday Trip is $125 and a Sunday Trip is $40.

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