Cancellation and Refund Policy - JKCP @ Villanova University

Tell me more about cancellations and refunds.

In order to talk about cancellation and refunds, let's first review some information about payments because the terms are based on the payment schedule:

What's JKCP's refund policy? Your 20% deposit is non-refundable. If you've purchased cancellation insurance, that's non-refundable too. If you bought Cancellation Insurance you may be eligible for a refund based upon the timing of your cancellation request.

Could you tell me more about Cancellation Insurance? Yes, please click here to review our Cancellation Insurance Policy.

What if I need to cancel? All requests for cancellation should be submitted in writing and should include the name of the student, the session dates that you are canceling and the reason for the cancellation. Click here to use our form or email your request to so that your cancellation request is time stamped. If you purchased Cancellation Insurance, we'll process your request based on the terms of our Cancellation Insurance policy.

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