Attendance - JKCP @ Villanova University

May I arrive early or late, or may I depart early or late? In many cases, yes, but we will need to know the details so we can talk through it and help you adjust your order and make some notes in your file. There may be fees associated with any special arrangements. Email with your request. 

How do I make sure I'm on time for class and activities? Our Residential Staff is amazing! They'll work very hard to be sure that you learn everything you need to know at orientation. Then, we'll also be sure to give students regular reminders during night time floor meetings and at regular line-ups. We make sure everyone's present and accounted for before we leave for meals, classes and activities. Plus, we're not afraid to knock on doors if we think you've overslept! We'll do our best to make sure you don't miss anything this summer!

May I skip a day, course, evening activity or weekend trip? You'd have to run the details by the Program or Residential Director and then, if they agreed that you have a great reason, sure. Before you ask though, we'd really want you to consider how this might affect your experience. Keep in mind that most of our programming is designed to be completed in just five days - missing 20% of your program would be a big deal! You should also note that our pricing is set up in week-long blocks so we can't prorate for missed days. If you must skip a day, we'll just need you to submit your request in writing to now or to your Program or Residential Director if you're already at camp.

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