Internships - Résumé

I don't have any work experience, do I still need to submit a résumé? Learning how to put together a résumé is a crucial part of applying for employment so please use this as an opportunity to get some experience.

What information should I include? You'll find a sample of what we'd like to see on your one-page résumé below.

Does the admissions committee have any preferences for formatting? We'd recommend that you start by using a template provided by MS Word, Google Docs, etc. Just be sure to remove any of the template headings that you do not plan to use!

Should I proofread it? Yes! And then, after you're done, let someone else read it and help you with edits. Make sure your final draft doesn't have any visible edits in it and then, if possible,  save it as a PDF before you upload it to your online account.

Who will be looking at my résumé? Both the admissions committee and your mentor will review your résumé, along with your other application materials, prior to your acceptance and placement.

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