Internships - Letter of Recommendation

Who may write my letter of recommendation? Letters of recommendation may be written by current or recent teachers, school administrators, employers, mentors, academic advisors, coaches or directors of extracurricular activities.

How does the letter of recommendation process work?

  • Use your online account to find a section called "Who will write your letter of recommendation?"
  • Use that form to tell us who's writing your letter.
  • While you're in this section, you'll also find a template to copy and then paste into an email to your recommender to make the process easier!
  • Your recommender will use the information you've provided via email to submit their letter by email, fax or mail.
  • After we receive the letter, we'll upload it to your online account within 1 - 2 business days so that you can see it's been received.

I need to change my recommender...what do I do? Email with your full name and ask us to open your form for edits. Just remember that you'll have to send the email to your new recommender after you make changes. 

May I submit more than one letter? Yes, of course! You'll only have space to list one person in your online account and will only be able to see when that person's letter is received. We'll have to process the second recommender and their letter manually. We'd recommend that you send an email to to let us know you plan to supplement your application with a second letter.

My recommender said they sent their letter, why isn't it in my online account?
 Please find out how they sent their letter (online form, email or fax) and when. If it was within two business days, it's just being processed by the administrative office. If it's been longer than two business days, send an email to so they can see if there's a technical issue with the submission.

May I upload my own letter? No. We must receive the letter directly from it's author.

May I see the letter? To encourage greater openness and to present a more fair and honest recommendation, applicants waive their right of access to letters of recommendation. Applicants agree that the remarks made in their letters of recommendation should be confidential between the writer and the various constituencies to whom their credential file may be shown.

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