Internships - Admissions Overview

When may I apply? The application for admission opens on Friday, November 15.

Is admission to the program competitive? Yes! Our amazing internships are quite popular and we have limited spaces in each field. It would be in your best interest to complete your application for admission as early as possible.

When will I receive my admissions decision? After all required materials are received and the application for admission is completed, your application file will be assembled and shared with the admissions committee. You'll have an interview and then we'll work on your placement. Once you're placed, you'll receive a formal invitation to attend. Because the process of applying for an Internship has many steps, there is no finite timeline that can be applied to all applicants. Please share any questions or concerns about the process with the Internship Program Director, Colleen Robertson at

What are you looking for in an applicant? Selections are based on a record of academic excellence, a genuine interest in experiencing the life of an intern, a demonstrated passion for learning more about their internship field, and an effort to complete the application and all supplemental materials as promptly as possible.

Why do you require so much information in the application? By design, our application is meant to feel similar to a college application as well as an application for employment. We expect applicants to use this experience to gain valuable experience and have the opportunity to present the best information possible to the committee and mentor.

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