CHOP - School Information and Biology Requirement

What will you need to know about my school? You'll use this section to tell us the following information about your school:

  • Name
  • Your graduation year
  • CEEB code (you can find that by clicking here)*
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Website
  • Type (charter, home school, private, public, etc)
  • Term system (quarters, semesters, etc)
  • Your guidance or college counselor's name and email address
  • A space to tell us if there are details about your academic performance that the admissions committee needs to know.
  • Is English the primary language of instruction?
  • GPA (you will have the option to say no if this is not measured at your school)
  • Class Rank (you will have the option to say no if this is not measured at your school)
  • Confirmation that you have taken, or are currently taking, High School Level Biology. This is a pre-requisite and we will not make exceptions to this eligibility requirement.
  • Student conduct questions

*What if my school does not have a CEEB code?

I've attended two high schools, what should I do? We only offer space for one school's information. If you've attended more than one school as part of your high school career, this section should reflect the school in which you are currently enrolled. When you upload your transcript, you may include any files that reflect high school level grades or courses completed.

I haven't taken High School Biology, may I still apply? The Biology requirement will not be waived. Read more about eligibility here.

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