Art: Summer at Penn - Admissions Overview

Everything you need to know about the admissions process.

The application for admission opens on Friday, November 23, 2018 and has a rolling timeline. We anticipate approximately 80 applications this year for 45 available spaces.

After all required materials are received and the application for admission is completed, the application file will be assembled and shared with the admissions committee. The admissions committee is comprised of faculty from the University of Pennsylvania's School of Design.

Selections are based on a record of academic excellence, a genuine interest in experiencing the life of a student studying art, a demonstrated passion for learning more about the program, and effort to complete the application and all supplemental materials as promptly as possible ahead of the deadline. By design, our application is meant to feel similar to a college application. We expect applicants to use this experience to gain valuable experience and have the opportunity to present the best information possible to the committee.

Admissions decisions will be sent via email before 5pm EST on the rolling release date. The rolling admissions timeline can be found here.

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